Books/ Edited Collections

  • Philosophy by Women: 22 Philosophers Reflect on Philosophy and Its Value (Routledge, 2020, Editor)
  • Animals and Us (Τα Ζώα και Εμείς, in Greek) (epbooks/εκδόσεις Παπαδόπουλος, 2020). 
  • Brute Facts (Oxford University Press, 2018, co-edited with Constantinos Mekios) [Reviewed in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Review of Books and Metascience.]


Papers/ Chapters in Edited Collections

  • E. Vintiadis & L. Bortolotti (2021) ‘The Role of Context in Belief Evaluation: Costs and Benefits of Irrational Beliefs’ in The Cognitive Science of Belief, ed. Julien Musolino, Cambridge University Press.
  • E. Vintiadis (2021) ‘The Force of Presentation: Policing Modes of Expression and Gatekeeping the Status Quo” in Symposium: How Philosophy is Presented special issue of Human Affairs, 31 (4), 479-487.
  • E. Vintiadis (2020) ‘What Philosophy is and What it Could Be’ in Philosophy By Women, Routledge.
  • E. Vintiadis (2020) ‘Introduction: Philosophy by Women: 22 Philosophers reflect on Philosophy and Its Importance‘ in Philosophy By Women, Routledge.
  • E. Vintiadis (2019) ‘Property Dualism‘ in Introduction to Philosophy of Mind, ed. by Heather Salazar, in the series Introduction to Philosophy, ed. Christina Hendricks, Rebus Foundation Publishing, Quebec, Canada.
  • E. Vintiadis (2018) ‘Introduction: Brute Facts’ in Brute Facts, eds. Elly Vintiadis and Constantinos Mekios, Oxford University Press.
  • E. Vintiadis (2018) ‘There is Nothing (Really) Wrong with Emergent Brute Facts’ in Brute Facts, eds. Elly Vintiadis and Constantinos Mekios, Oxford University Press. 
  • E. Vintiadis (2016) ‘The Importance of Pluralism in Psychiatry’ (in English) in Βιοηθικοί Προβληματισμοί ΙΙ (Bioethical Reflections II) Maria Kanellopoulou- Botti and Fereniki Panagopoulou (eds). Athens: Papazisis.
  • E. Vintiadis (2015) ‘A Frame of Mind from PsychiatryMedicine, Healthcare and Philosophy 18 (4): 523-532. DOI 10.1007/s11019- 014-9607-4. 
  • E. Vintiadis (2013) ‘Why a Naturalist Should Be an Emergentist About the Mind‘ SATS: Northern European Journal of Philosophy 14 (1): 38-62. 
  • E. Vintiadis (2006) ‘Why Certainty is not a MansionJournal of Philosophical Research 31: 143-152. 


Encyclopedia articles

  • E. Vintiadis (2013) “Emergence” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Book Reviews

Articles in the popular press 

  • Obituary: Derek Parfit (1942-2017)‘ (In Greek) (2017)
  • Finding Directions by Indirection: The Island as a Blank Slate’ in The Philosophy of J.J. Abramseds. P.Brace and R.Arp, The  University Press of Kentucky: 221-233. (co-authored with S.Petrounakos) (2014)
  • ‘An Aged Jeune Premier: On Modular and Enactive Theories of the Mind’ Cogito, 9, March. (In Greek) (2009) 
  • ‘Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844’ Cogito, 8, May. (In Greek) (2008)
  • ‘Nothing is Certain, But Some Things are More Certain than Others’ Cogito, 7, October. (In Greek) (2007)
  • ‘Dear Prudence – Ethics and the Environment’ Cogito, 6, May. (In Greek) (2007)
  • ‘The Thief of Time; Popper and Derrida on Television’ Cogito, 5, September. (In Greek) (2006)
  • ‘Hume, Fatima and Benedict the 16th‘ Cogito, 4, January. (In Greek) (2006)
  • ‘Dennett’s Dangerous Idea’ Cogito, 3, July. (In Greek) (2005)
  • ‘The Problematic Ethics of Professional Sports’ Cogito, 2, January. (In Greek) (2005)
  • ‘Sweet Dreams: An Inquiry into Mind and Dreams’ Cogito, 1, July. (In Greek) (2004)