Books/ Edited Collections

Philosophy by Women: 22 Philosophers Reflect on Philosophy and Its Value (Routledge, 2020, Editor)

Animals and Us (Τα Ζώα και Εμείς, in Greek) (epbooks/εκδόσεις Παπαδόπουλος, 2020). 

Brute Facts (Oxford University Press, 2018, co-edited with Constantinos Mekios) [Reviewed in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Review of Books and Metascience.]


Papers/ Chapters in Edited Collections

‘The Nature of Naturalism’ (under review)

‘Mental Disorders as Processes: A More Suited Metaphysics for Psychiatry’  (under review)

‘The Demarcation Problem’ (under review)

E. Vintiadis & L.Bortolotti (forth. 2021) ‘The Role of Context in Belief Evaluation: Cost and Benefits of Irrational Beliefs’ in The Cognitive Science of Belief, ed. Julien Musolino, Cambridge University Press.

E. Vintiadis (forth. 2021) ‘The Force of Presentation: Policing Modes of Expression and Gatekeeping the Status Quo” Human Affairs.

E. Vintiadis (2020) ‘What Philosophy is and What it Could Be’ in Philosophy By Women, Routledge.

E. Vintiadis (2020) ‘Introduction: Philosophy by Women: 22 Philosophers reflect on Philosophy and Its Importance‘ in Philosophy By Women, Routledge.

E. Vintiadis (2019) ‘Property Dualism‘ in Introduction to Philosophy of Mind, ed. by Heather Salazar, in the series Introduction to Philosophy, ed. Christina Hendricks, Rebus Foundation Publishing, Quebec, Canada.

E. Vintiadis (2018) ‘Introduction: Brute Facts’ in Brute Facts, eds. Elly Vintiadis and Constantinos Mekios, Oxford University Press.

E. Vintiadis (2018) ‘There is Nothing (Really) Wrong with Emergent Brute Facts’ in Brute Factseds. Elly Vintiadis and Constantinos Mekios, Oxford University Press. 

E. Vintiadis (2016) ‘The Importance of Pluralism in Psychiatry’ (in English) in Βιοηθικοί Προβληματισμοί ΙΙ (Bioethical Reflections II) Maria Kanellopoulou- Botti and Fereniki Panagopoulou (eds). Athens: Papazisis.

E. Vintiadis (2015) ‘A Frame of Mind from PsychiatryMedicine, Healthcare and Philosophy 18 (4): 523-532. DOI 10.1007/s11019- 014-9607-4. 

E. Vintiadis (2013) ‘Why a Naturalist Should Be an Emergentist About the Mind‘ SATS: Northern European Journal of Philosophy 14 (1): 38-62. 

E. Vintiadis (2006) ‘Why Certainty is not a MansionJournal of Philosophical Research 31: 143-152. 


Encyclopedia articles

E. Vintiadis (2013) ‘EmergenceInternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 


Book Reviews

E. Vintiadis (2019) ‘Thomas L. Hafemeister, Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders Metapsychology Online Reviews.

E. Vintiadis (2015) ‘Andrew Steane, Faithful to Science: The Role of Science in ReligionScience, Religion & Culture 2(4): 108- 111. 

E. Vintiadis (2014) ‘Beyond an Absence of Faith, edited by Jonathan M.S.Pearce and Tristan Vick’ Science, Religion & Culture 1(2): 122-125. 

E. Vintiadis (2012)Emergence in Mind, Cynthia Macdonald and Graham Macdonald, eds.’ Philosophy 87: 603- 610. 


Articles in the popular press 

Obituary: Derek Parfit (1942-2017)‘ (In Greek) (2017)

Finding Directions by Indirection: The Island as a Blank Slate’ in The Philosophy of J.J. Abramseds. P.Brace and R.Arp, The  University Press of Kentucky: 221-233. (co-authored with S.Petrounakos) (2014)

‘An Aged Jeune Premier: On Modular and Enactive Theories of the Mind’ Cogito, 9, March. (In Greek) (2009) 

‘Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844’ Cogito, 8, May. (In Greek) (2008)

‘Nothing is Certain, But Some Things are More Certain than Others’ Cogito, 7, October. (In Greek) (2007)

‘Dear Prudence – Ethics and the Environment’ Cogito, 6, May. (In Greek) (2007)

‘The Thief of Time; Popper and Derrida on Television’ Cogito, 5, September. (In Greek) (2006)

‘Hume, Fatima and Benedict the 16th‘ Cogito, 4, January. (In Greek) (2006)

‘Dennett’s Dangerous Idea’ Cogito, 3, July. (In Greek) (2005)

‘The Problematic Ethics of Professional Sports’ Cogito, 2, January. (In Greek) (2005)

‘Sweet Dreams: An Inquiry into Mind and Dreams’ Cogito, 1, July. (In Greek) (2004)