Areas of Research
The metaphysics of mind (emergence, naturalism), philosophy of psychiatry, epistemology (doubt, certainty, the Later Wittgenstein), metaphilosophy, animal ethics.


Past Positions Held

  • Philosophy Instructor, Deree – The American College of Greece
  • Philosophy Instructor, Hellenic Naval Staff and Command College (Σχολή Διοίκησης και Επιτελών Πολεμικού Ναυτικού)
  • Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy, City College of New York



  • City University of New York Graduate Center (PhD)  Supervisor: Paul Horwich
  • City University of New York Graduate Center (MPhil)
  • City University of New York Graduate Center (MA)
  • The American College of Greece (BA)


Courses Taught

  • Philosophy of Mind: upper senior course (sometimes directed study) focusing on mental/psychological functions and the nature of the mind and the self in view of recent scientific advances in psychology, neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Critical Thinking: an introduction to symbolic and informal logic with an emphasis on essential principles of reasoning.
  • Academic Writing and Ethics: I teach the ethics component in this freshman-level interdisciplinary course introducing students to ethical theories through an applied ethics theme. Themes taught: Animal ethics · Environmental ethics · Free speech & Political correctness · Fast fashion · Abortion · Breaking the rules.
  • Mind and World: introduction to the philosophy of mind focusing on the relation of our mental/psychological states to the physical world. Course topics: theories of mind, personal identity, consciousness, mental causation, psychophysical reduction.
  • Issues in Epistemology: sometimes historical, sometimes thematic, advanced survey course focusing on the main questions in the history of epistemology.
  • The Rational Animal: advanced level Honors course focusing on rationality and spanning issues in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, mind, logic, and the rational justification of social and political structures.


Recent Invited Talks

  • “Up Girl: Masculinity, Gender and Reframing Opportunity Beyond Neoliberalism” – Opportunity After Neoliberalism Conference, Brookings Institution (February 2023).
  • “Mental Disorders as Processes” – Inaugural Lecture of the Series “Contemporary Philosophy by Female Scholars” – SOAS, University of London (August 2022).
  • “Mental Disorders as Processes” – Philosophy Society Visiting Speakers Series, University of Birmingham (February 2022).
  • “Metaphysical Animals: A Conversation with Claire Mac Cumhaill and Rachael Wiseman” – The Philosopher (January 2022).
  • “Women and the Work of Philosophy” – RV University, India (September 2021).
  • “The Contexts of Epistemic Innocence” – Book launch of Lisa Bortolotti’s The Epistemic Innocence of Irrational Beliefs, University of Birmingham (May 2020).

Professional Service
Journal Referee:
Annals of Philosophy · Australasian Journal of Philosophy · European Journal of Analytic Philosophy · Foundations of Science · Human Affairs · Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy · Phenomenology and Mind · Philosophical Psychology · Ratio · Studies in History and Philosophy of Biomedical and Biological Sciences · Synthese · Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science Philosophy and the Mind Sciences 

Independent reviewer for research grant proposals:
The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, the Dutch Research Council)

Editorial board member:
 Philosophical Psychology


Professional Memberships

  • American Philosophical Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Imperfect Cognitions Research Network (the AHRC Epistemic Innocence Project)
  • British Wittgenstein Society

In between the lines 
In 1996 I lived in Amherst, Massachusetts and it was fantastic. After I got my PhD I took a long break from academia to pursue other interests – a break I thought would be permanent but then turned out not to be. In 2005 I worked for Marchesato degli Aleramici Brunello producers in Montalcino (Italy) and during 2006-2007 I was joint Coordinator of the 7th International Environmental Symposium of the Patriarch of Constantinople in Greenland. After that I took (quite) some time off and traveled on the trans-Siberian and trans-Mongolian railways to Russia, Mongolia and China.

Then, in 2012, our son was born and he has kept me pretty busy since.